Open Space and Recreation

Open Space Preservation and Acquisition

Erie’s amazing views and big sky feeling are worth preserving. One of the main reasons people love our town is because of the open spaces and trails. We must keep all of what we have and acquire as much as we can. We may not be able to buy it later when the developers get their hands on it. This will likely require spending more than planned in order to win our bids and some creative funding will be necessary.

Erie is a beautiful place to live. Let’s make sure our children have the same views.

Recreation and Parks

Every day I see people enjoying the wonderful recreation amenities offered by Erie. I want to increase their options significantly. Erie is an attractive town for active, fun-loving people. Our population enjoys the outdoors and we play hard.

I want Erie to:

  • Expand our trails and parks. These contribute to the health and quality of life for our residents and visitors. My first effort for parks as Trustee will be to construct a disc golf course. I will also focus on improving the singletrack trails and offering more bicycle parks.
  • Host a series of running and cycling races. When we market ourselves as the place for competition and fun events, people will come from all over the state to take part.
  • Invest in gold star facilities. Our rec center and ball fields are top notch. Let’s work with the private sector to build more places to play.
  • Aggressively pursue the goal of being the number one place for recreating east of Boulder.

Erie is a great place to play. Let’s play more.