Downtown Event Parking

Our downtown area is the heart of Erie. It is growing into a wonderful place to spend time. One of the biggest issues I hear about is parking during events. Regularly, cars will clog the streets, block driveways, and have conflict with pedestrians. This causes a lot of headaches for Old Town residents and event-goers alike.

Solutions to this problem

I want to implement:

  • New parking lots near the edges of downtown; at least three blocks away from Briggs. This would encourage people to leave their cars earlier than they currently are, reduce traffic in old town, and make departing easier. Some accommodations would have to be made for handicapped visitors.
  • Road blocks during events must be placed further than one block out and better enforced. This will prevent bypassing the blockades, unnecessary congestion, and u-turns among many pedestrians.
  • Designated parking areas should have clear signage and event planners should advertise parking options.
  • Residents can be encouraged to walk or bike to events.
  • Shuttles or pedicabs could help bring people downtown from lots further away.
  • Additional bike racks need to be available, both permanent and temporary.
  • Trash receptacles should be installed in every parking area and along walking routes.
  • Perform a study on converting Kattell and Briggs to one-way streets over a few blocks. This will change traffic patterns and open up more on-street parking and vendor options.