Commercial Development

Sales tax is the biggest revenue source for our town. The Comprehensive Plan, updated in 2015 has laid out a successful roadmap for commercial development in Erie. Now we need to execute on it. King Soopers was a big win for us and will anchor many more retail shops but it’s just the beginning.

Now is the time to invest in Erie and I want to enable small businesses and big box stores alike to spring up throughout town. I envision a thriving downtown with restaurants, pubs, and shops to serve the citizens and visitors during events like the Town Fair, Concert in the Park, Brewfest, and the Farmers Market. We need to increase parking options downtown to handle the coming crowds. We should work with neighboring cities to attract larger commercial development on the edges of town like the highway 7 and 52 borders. In the next 5 to 10 years Erie will expand out to the I-25 corridor and we need to prepare for that now. I will be thinking long-term and voting for ideas to support the commercial needs of our community and it’s growing population.