Open Space and Recreation

Open Space Preservation and Acquisition Erie’s amazing views and big sky feeling are worth preserving. One of the main reasons people love our town is because of the open spaces and trails. We must keep all of what we have…

Commercial Development

Sales tax is the biggest revenue source for our town. The Comprehensive Plan, updated in 2015 has laid out a successful roadmap for commercial development in Erie. Now we need to execute on it. King Soopers was a big win…

Residential Development

Erie is a fantastic place to live. It was among the “Best Places to Raise a Family in Colorado” in 2017 and “Best Places to Live” in 2015. These honors will continue drawing people to Erie along with its home…

Oil & Gas Activity in Erie

Natural gas is a necessary energy source as our world makes the transition to renewable energy. I value the efficiency and productivity of it as a product. I acknowledge the benefits gas companies have brought to Erie by donating money…

Downtown Event Parking

Our downtown area is the heart of Erie. It is growing into a wonderful place to spend time. One of the biggest issues I hear about is parking during events. Regularly, cars will clog the streets, block driveways, and have…


As an active resident of Erie, I am passionate about healthy choices and lifestyle. The foundation of my platform is to make Erie a welcoming, thriving, and healthy community in all aspects of the town. My positions stem from that basis.


First and foremost, my platform begins with health. I care about the health of the citizens, the economy, and the environment of Erie.

I’ve spent the last five years in Erie organizing and building singletrack trails for people to walk their dogs, run, and build biking skills. Getting people outdoors and moving is my passion. The benefits of an active life are realized by the individual, within a family, and amongst the whole community. There are many ways we can encourage our citizenry to be active and healthy and, as Trustee, I will be exploring all of them to bring more options to Erie.

The economy of our town is strong and getting stronger. The town has begun to realize the benefits of the rooftops and income that reside in Erie. We need to keep that healthy by attracting more businesses and making sure they have successful places to locate and a good market to draw from. We have to spend our money wisely so we can realize returns on our investments whether in the form of income generated or the happiness of our citizens.

There are many concerns about the environment we live in and quite a few operations that detract from its health. I plan to challenge industrial activity that could harm the health of our citizens or the beauty of our town. Some oil and gas industry processes can negatively affect residents, schools, creeks, parks, and peace. I will work with the town to mitigate these risks and ensure all industrial activity is managed so it considers the citizens as much as the company.


Erie is growing and I’m extremely pleased with it. Our home values, retail options, and community assets are all increasing. Now is an exciting time to live in Erie. While it’s encouraging, we need to manage our growth so we don’t end up unorganized or lopsided. The town adopted a Comprehensive Plan in 2015 that accommodates the anticipated growth and ensures we have a common sense approach to our expansion. In the CP some areas are slated for faster growth than others and some areas of town are to be carefully renewed. The plan calls for more diversity in housing, commercial, recreation, and industrial activity. I am completely in favor of this plan and will do everything I can to see it executed well.


While growing is exciting and increased options for activity are healthy, Erie must be well balanced. I am not in favor of building a community asset if it negatively impacts our debt or credit rating. A balanced budget is just as necessary as a balanced lifestyle. I will work to provide both for the citizens of Erie.