Erie Singletrack Advocates

I am the founder of Erie Singletrack Advocates. Our organization created the mountain bike trails you love to ride on the open space.  I started this organization in 2013 and have worked hard to cultivate a place for mountain bikers to flourish . 

Over these last five years I have made a solid impact in Erie's recreation and cycling communities by advocating for and building trails on open space. Those singletrack trails made Erie an outdoor recreation destination bringing folks in from all over the metro area; adding to their enjoyment of our town and increasing our retail tax revenue. The community I cultivated behind this grassroots effort enjoys volunteerism because of the healthy and rewarding experience for all involved. I will continue to increase my impact in Erie and show the entire town what is possible when we work together towards being the best place to live in Colorado. My passion for our town is boundless and I am looking forward to making it a healthier, growing, and balanced place to live as your next member on the Erie Board of Trustees.

During my time with ESA I have worked in partnership with the Erie Parks and Rec department, OSTAB, and three different Trustee boards to approve and build these trails. I have joined forces with Boulder Mountainbike Alliance and multiple professional trail builders to make sure the trails are progressive, sustainable, and fun.

I have coordinated over 1800 hours of volunteers, raised more than $30,000, and run at least 10 events like the Membership parties, Spring Tune-Ups, and Jump Jams for this organization. I want people of all ages and abilities to have a place to play on their bikes. ESA has started a fantastic playground in our suburban community.

1800 Volunteer Hours

$30,000 Funds Raised

10 Community Events

More Experience

2013 - 2017 Served on the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance board

2017 Baseball coach for 1st and 2nd graders through Erie Rec Center

2016 Town of Erie Parks Visioning Charrette participant 

2015 Soccer coach for 2nd and 3rd graders through Broomfield Rec Center