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Courtney Johnson – Erie Resident


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As a Weld County voter residing in Erie, I want to go on record as endorsing Adam Haid for town of Erie trustee. Adam’s credentials as a citizen, parent and town advocate will serve him well as a trustee.

As a 13-year resident of Erie, Adam has seen Erie go from a somewhat sleepy town to one with promising growth. Seeing an opportunity to bring more recreational choices to the city, he spent the past five years working alongside residents, the town of Erie staff and Erie government to develop miles of trails for families and bike enthusiasts to enjoy.

He’s ready to take his experience from the recreation sector to the entire town to enhance what makes living in the town of Erie so great. Growth, as he puts it, will continue to happen. His open approach to development allows longtime residents of Erie to feel they still have a place to call home while newer residents feel that they are an important part of their new community.

Erie is a town full of passionate people that only want the best for their town and their residents. I know Adam will address every resident’s concerns and ideas with respect and deep consideration. I have already seen it first-hand with his meet-and-greets and one-on-one meetings with local citizens and business owners. He’s already addressing many of the town’s main issues from lack of parking and oil and gas to future residential and business development and recreational opportunities.

I encourage the residents and business owners in Erie to learn more about Adam and his vision of health, growth, and balance.

Courtney Johnson
Erie Resident
Printed in Daily Camera

received Feb 28, 2018

Trustee Geoff Deakin

Adam Haid has been serving Erie as a volunteer for almost as long as I’ve been attending Town meetings. He came to the Board with an idea to add more bike trails to our recreational inventory, and when he was told that he would need to take some ownership for the idea, he went to work. He founded Erie Singletrack Advocates, recruiting other organizations, businesses to plan and propose a model. He worked with Parks & Recreation, the Open Space & Trails Advisory Board, Town staff and the BoT to get approval and create systems for signage and notification. And he marshaled dozens of volunteers to physically dig and groom the network of safe and sustainable multi-use trail loops connected to Erie’s spine trail system. His platform of expanding and enhancing our recreational options combined with willingness to roll-up his sleeves, pick-up a shovel and get to work make me love Adam’s vision for Erie’s future.

Geoff Deakin
Current Erie Trustee

received Mar 11, 2018

Trustee Jennifer Carroll

Adam Haid’s contributions towards making Erie’s trails, parks and open space system a recreation destination are truly extraordinary. Adam’s dedication and passion to making Erie a better place make him a standout candidate for Erie Trustee.

Jennifer Carroll
Current Erie Trustee

received Mar 4, 2018


Joe Carnival – Former Erie Trustee

As a fellow 1994 graduate of Centaurus High School, I have a long history with Adam. Our paths crossed again while I was serving as a Trustee for the Town of Erie. I can still remember the board meeting when Adam proposed the idea of building a single track system in Erie. He delivered a proposal that was so compelling, it was just one of a couple issues we passed 7-0. In my opinion, this is just a small example of what we can expect from Adam as a Trustee. Adam gets things done and he’s not afraid to get in the trenches, or singletracks, and accomplish big things. As a long time resident, husband, father, and volunteer Adam will make a great Trustee. He will grow Erie’s economy while continuing to ensure a great quality of life for residents.

Joe Carnival
Former Erie Trustee

received Feb 22, 2018

Mayor Tina Harris

Dear Erie Citizens,

It is due in large part to the volunteer efforts of our community members that Erie has become the vibrant community it is today.  One of the most dedicated volunteers Erie has is Adam Haid, founder of the Erie Singletrack Advocates (ESA).  ESA built the mountain bike trails in the open space south of the Grandview neighborhood.  Like many of you, Adam and his wife Christina made the choice to move to Erie 13 years ago to raise their family.  And like many of you, Adam strives to steer Erie into the healthy, thriving community it is becoming.

I am proud to announce my endorsement of Adam Haid, and encourage you to vote on April 3rd for an Erie citizen with a proven track record of commitment and dedication to our community.


Mayor Tina Harris

received Feb 5, 2018