Trustee Endorsements by Mayor Tina Harris

Good morning Citizens of Erie,

Many of you, myself included, are trying to determine who to vote for this April to represent us on the Board of Trustees. It’s great we have so many candidates willing to step up and offer their service to the town, but it can be difficult to find information about all of them. One side note before I move on – I sincerely hope those who are not elected to the Board of Trustees will channel their energy into other Boards and Commissions in Erie. Erie needs dedicated citizens to stay involved and make positive impacts to benefit us for years to come. Back to the reason for this post. My official endorsements.

I have narrowed down my choices of Trustee candidates from 9 to 5 to 3. I will explain my process to you so you fully understand. I have much respect for each of the candidates for throwing their hat in the ring. Prior to this election cycle, I knew four of the candidates: Mike Evans, Bill Gippe, Adam Haid, and John Ahrens. I knew one candidate by his reputation only, Christiaan Van Woudenberg. Two candidates who I had never met before actively sought to meet with me and share their ideas for Erie. I appreciated the respect they showed me and truly enjoyed hearing their visions for all of us. Those two were Barry Luginbill and and Liz Locricchio. I learned that Liz is a member of the Erie Chamber of Commerce, and followed up my meeting with her by writing a note saying she was a candidate to look at. I learned that Barry and I attended the same high school, and he has served on a couple of committees in Erie. Thank you to both Barry and Liz for your service to Erie thus far.

Now to my three official endorsements. I am proud to announce I will be voting for Bill Gippe, Adam Haid, and John Ahrens, and encourage you to do so too. Bill works tirelessly on many boards, commissions, and committees in Erie. His passion and dedication to Erie is unparalleled. Adam Haid has given countless hours implementing and building mountain bike trails, helping to make Erie the vibrant community it is. John Ahrens has served faithfully as our representative for the St. Vrain Valley School District. His support of Erie schools and bonds to build future schools, ensures Erie’s children will have the best education possible. Bill Gippe, Adam Haid, and John Ahrens have proven track records of service and commitment to Erie. They are devoted to listening to you and making decisions that reflect the best interests of all citizens.

Thank you,
Tina Harris

Adam’s note: This text was copied directly from Mayor Harris’ Facebook page. Bold added for emphasis. The original post is here.