Welcome! My name is Adam Haid. My family and I have lived in Erie for 13 years. In that time our town has seen fantastic changes. It has grown into an established community excellent for raising families but it’s not done growing yet. I want to steer Erie into the healthy, thriving city it can become. As I look around town I see a lot of opportunity to grow our economy, add recreation, and enjoy the peaceful open spaces we have.

I am husband to Christina, father to Noah and Austin, and daily walker for Emmet and Oliver.

I am also an active mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast. I know what it takes to push yourself far beyond your comfort zone and the feeling of accomplishment when you achieve your goals. One of my goals is to make a significant impact on my local community. I have invested a lot of time in improving trails and bicycling in Erie. Now I’m ready to expand my contribution to the government of our town. I feel that I can use the experience I’ve gained leading an organization, serving on multiple boards, and managing budgets to be an effective trustee for the town of Erie.

  • Software Engineer at NetApp in Boulder
  • Founder of Erie Singletrack Advocates
  • Recipient of two awards for community service from the Town of Erie
  • Resident of Erie and surrounding communities since 1990 – 28 years!
  • Performed a supporting role in childbirth video shown in hospitals nationwide
  • BS in Computer Science from Metro State University in Denver
  • Graduate of Centaurus High School class of 1994

I have summarized my positions on the most impactful issues facing Erie on this site. I look forward to meeting with citizens, business owners, and developers to further discuss the impact I can have on Erie.